Online Workshops

Do you want us to visit your school? Get in touch with us and we’ll do the rest!

In ‘normal’ times we would be travelling around the country either getting your Drama students up on their feet, or bringing actors in to your school to bring the English set text to life and help them better understand plot, characters, relationships, and themes of your play. Initially we were reluctant to agree to delivering online sessions as so much of what we do has a practical element to it, we didn’t want to jeopardise our reputation. After working with a couple of our regular schools and giving it a go, we thought it really served a purpose and the feedback was great.

The first question we ask is what are you studying and where are you in your scheme of work? We will then allocate you the perfect workshop leader. For all Blood Brothers sessions it will be Mike and Steve joining you together, and for Shakespeare bookings it will one of our brilliant Shakespeare team (made up of actors that have worked with the likes of the RSC and The Globe). For An Inspector Calls it would be an actor that has appeared in the production, but the workshop will be based on the text and they will cover character, relationships, themes/evidence, and plot. For The 39 Steps it would either be the resident director from the West End production, or an actor that has worked on the show. Obviously, they can’t recreate the magic involving hats and coats as they would if they were there is person, but they can still talk in detail about clowning, multi-rolling, pastiche, and physical comedy. They will also be able to advise you on practical exercises that you can incorporate into your own sessions.

The practitioner that is working with you can explore staging, design, character, themes, language, relationships, plot, and they will often be able to share experiences that they have had whilst being involved in a production of the play you are studying.

We have been arranging West End cast members to conduct hour-long Q&A’s for Performing Arts Schools, and we are happy to do this for schools if you are interested. We can cover most shows from Hamilton to Matilda!

Our new online sessions will have a very much bespoke feel to them depending on what you are looking to get out of them. It’s not our normal way of working, but these are not normal times! We prefer to work on Zoom, but we are happy to jump on a platform of your choice.