Shakespeare Teaching Resources

Our package begins with one of our Shakespeare team coming along to your school and getting your students up on their feet. If you prefer an assembly style workshop for your year group? Let us know and we’ll offer you options.

Following the in-person visit you will then receive the following:

Access Shakespeare: Macbeth – a teaching resource that has been designed by teachers, for teachers. This is an exciting new venture between Stage-ed and The Shakespeare Project as we collaborate to create a truly unique resource for you and your students.

A West End Director along with actors that have appeared on stage for the Royal Shakespeare Company, break the play down in to key scenes and explore character motivation, language, rhetoric, imagery and reference the historical context of the play.

You will have access for the full school year to a resource that features

  • 10 Key scenes broken down and analysed by a West End Director and Actors
  • 10 Filmed Scenes featuring Actors that have appeared on stage in RSC productions (and our lady ‘M’ who is currently starring in BBC1’s ‘Casualty’).
  • 10 Guided Worksheets to help your students dig a little deeper and provide evidence that they are grasping the learning outcomes.
  • A Concise 21- page Macbeth Revision Guide that makes the resource adaptable so it can be used as an entry level introduction, or a pre-exam revision tool.
  • Student access at home as well as at school, so perfect for homework or pre-lesson prep.
  • Option to purchase a live, 1 hour ago Q&A with the actors via Zoom/Teams/Google.

This resource has been designed by teachers, for teachers!

What happens..?

The resource begins with the Director and the Actors unpicking the key scene. To help students overcome the tricky language, they clearly explain what is going on in the scene and go on to reveal that the verse can often help us understand the playwrights’ intentions. Following this exploration, the director then has the actors on their feet and introduces them to specially developed exercises that will help them unlock the scene. There are 10 different scenes that are explored, with each scene having it’s very own exercise. Teachers can then introduce these exercises in the classroom and add them to their scheme of work.

From the page to the stage ..

Following the analysis of 10 key scenes, and now having gained an understanding into the inner workings of Macbeth’s mind, your students will then get to see the scene taken from the page to the stage as we have another 10 videos of the scenes being performed. Our incredible actors take the learnings from the earlier discussion with the Director and use this to build their performance.

Guided Worksheets ..

Having researched the exam criteria for various exam boards, with the help of English literature and Drama teachers we developed accompanying guided worksheets. Perfect for setting homework, or if watching scenes on the whiteboard in class they can answer the questions during the lesson. We believe the biggest benefit of the guided worksheets is that they offer a gauge as to how much of the learning is being absorbed. During lockdown students were having to watch poor quality, dated youtube footage that had very little in the way of a ‘takeaway’ and rarely enthused or inspired. This unique study-guide is designed to be the centre point of your blended learning approach, and we believe it will influence performance on your student’s exam paper, as well as offer you exciting new exercises to incorporate in to your teaching.

The Dagger Speech
Macbeth high quality
Macbeth Revision Guide

Macbeth Revision Guide ..

This part of the resource alone has been described by teachers as invaluable. You can download this 21 page revision guide and give every student a copy to keep forever. This is clearly sectioned, colour coded, and has content that will really engage your students

How much does it cost ..

Let us know how many students you have studying the play, and we will send you a quote.
Prefer to purchase Access Shakespeare Macbeth as a stand-alone resource? (without a school visit) let us know and we can send you a quote


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