Primary School & Panto Workshops

Do you want us to visit your primary school? Get in touch with us and we’ll do the rest!

Stage-ed have a range of fun workshops to suit all stages of young learners. From The Lion King to Roald Dahl, we can spend the day working with each class, with shorter workshops for your young learners, and slightly longer, more challenging workshops for years 5 and 6.

For our Roald Dahl workshops we will leave you a 21-page activity guide that has fun games and exercises for you to use in class throughout the year.

Our panto performed at your primary school

Taking your full school to see a Panto can be extortionate, and then there is the dreaded risk assessment to consider.

We will bring the Panto to your school this Christmas!

There are 2 shows for you to choose from – Aladdin and Cinderella. Both have been specially written by a storyteller that has appeared in productions of The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom. Your pupils will love this experience and it all starts off with the famous ‘Stage-ed’ warm up that will have their heart rate pumping and get them involved in the action right from the start.

We don’t need a huge space, as it’s just 2 actors playing all the parts. Look at what other schools have had to say: